Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robots

Edited by David Kortenkamp, R. Peter Bonasso and Robin Murphy

To be published by MIT/AAAI Press in 1997



Written by the editors, the introduction will define the field of ``AI and mobile robotics'' as the place where AI research meets the real world. It will explain how the field has moved from robots that plan each move using a detailed world model to robots that simply react and use the world as its own model to present research that attempts to integrate deliberation and reaction. The editors will also examine the results of recent national robot competitions, from which many of the successful case studies in this book come. The editors will give their arguments as to what mobile robots can contribute to AI and computer science.

Part I: Mapping and Navigation

  • Sebastian Thrun, Arno Bucken, Wolfram Burgard, Dieter Fox, Thorsten Frohlinghaus, Daniel Hennig, Thomas Hofmann, Michael Krell and Timo Schimdt Map learning and high-speed navigation in RHINO
  • David Kortenkamp, Marcus Huber, Charles Cohen, Ulrich Raschke, Frank Koss and Clare Congdon Integrating high speed obstacle avoidance, global path planning and vision sensing on a mobile robot.
  • Illah Nourbakhsh Dervish: An Office Navigating Robot
  • Sven Koenig and Reid Simmons Xavier: A Robot Navigation Architecture Based On Partially Observable Markov Decision Process Models
  • Part II: Vision for Mobile Robots

  • Ian Horswill The design of the Polly system
  • Robin Murphy Coordination and Control of Sensing for Mobility using Action- Oriented Perception
  • Bill Schiller, Yu-feng Du, Don Krantz, Craig Shankwitz and Max Donath Vehicle Guidance Architecture for Combined Lane Tracking and Obstacle Avoidance
  • Part III: Mobile robot architectures

  • Erann Gat On Three-Layer Architectures
  • Kurt Konolige and Karen Myers The Saphira Architecture for Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • R. James Firby, Peter N. Prokopowicz and Michael J. Swain The Animate Agent Architecture
  • Ronald C. Arkin and Tucker Balch Cooperative multiagent robotic systems
  • Housheng Hu and Michael Brady Towards Advanced Mobile Robots for Manufacturing
  • Don Brutzman, Tony Healy, Dave Marco and Bob McGhee The Phoenix Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
  • Part IV: Mobile robots in the classroom

  • Illah Nourbakhsh and Michael Genesereth Using robots to teach AI
  • Robin Murphy Using Robot Competitions in the Classroom to Promote Intellectual Development
  • Maria Gini, Dean Hougen, Alex Ozerkovsky, Paul Rybski, Brian Schmalz Interacting with the real world: a way of teaching Artificial Intelligence concepts